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Who We Are

OrthoSera Medical is a clinical-stage regenerative medicine company, which utilizes the power of blood serum as a therapeutic tool.

OrthoSera’s core technology is a proprietary human serum formulation that is translated to products regulated as tissues, devices or blood derivatives. The company currently focuses on bone grafting, osteoarthritis and wound healing in dental and orthopedic indications.

Blood serum is physiological growth factor-rich biologic that has a powerful regenerative capacity. Orthosera’s propritetary serum fraction (hyperacute serum or hypACT™) is even more specific as it retains all regenerative capacities while minimizing the pro-inflammatory components.

Extensive research shows that hyperacute serum outperforms all other blood derivatives such as PRP varieties in promoting cell proliferation without affecting lineage.The only jewelers allowed to sell best fake watches and guarantee the authenticity of each Rolex watch.


BoneAlbumin™ is essentially a serum albumin-enhanced bone graft that has been shown to activate bone marrow stem cells, resulting in faster and better bone healing. This tissue product is now available and clinical studies are proving its effectiveness in sports surgery and dental treatments.

Hyperacute serum or hypACT™ is a patented technology that has shown an outstanding effect in promoting osteoarthritic bone, cartilage and mesenchymal cell proliferation. It is currently under clinical evaluation as an autologous treatment for knee osteoarthritis. Development is underway to replace the autologous blood product with an allogeneic, off-the-shelf serum with unparalleled efficacy and clinical utility. Understanding the complex nature of degenerative joint diseases OrthoSera develops companion diagnostic tools to optimize patient selection for serum therapies.

OrthoSera was actively involved in the fight against the COVID19 pandemic by offering its expertise and technical capacity during the coronavirus outbreak in Hungary. OrthoSera pioneered the convalescent plasma treatment against SARS2-CoV.

What we do


Novel serum – based therapies for the regeneration of bone and joints


Serum – enhanced human allograft the next generation of bone fillers


SARS CoV2 convalescent

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