OrthoSera was founded in 2012 by Zsombor Lacza, a researcher in orthopedics. The company has two centers in Hungary and Austria and has a subsidiary in the USA. The company continues Dr Lacza’s academic research in regenerative medicine and focuses on creating blood serum based products. The first clinical launch was in 2015 when OrthoSera introduced BoneAlbumin to the dental implantology field. This innvoative and patent-covered human bone allograft was the first of its kind i.e. the only off-the-shelf bone allograft with enhanced regeneratvie properties. Since then the product has gained significant market share in its home market, Hungary and has initial slaes in several other countries. In 2019 OrthoSera introduced hypACT auto, a medical device for harvesting hyperacute serum at the bedside. This product is currently avialable for research use only and being investigated in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis. In 2020 OrthoSera pioneered convalescent plasma therapy agins tthe COVID19 epidemic. The company has temporarily refocused all it resources, clean rooms, personnel, and manufactruing capacitites to bring this serum technology to the clinics. In less than 4 weeks the first patient was treated with convalescent plasma under an approved clinical trail. OrthoSera has continued to be a provider of anti-SARS2-CoV plasma in Hungary and develops further serum products to fight viral diseases.

Board of directors

Zsombor Lacza MD

PhD, DSc. Scientific founder of OrthoSera. Orthopedic surgeon, vice-rector for science at the Sports University in Budapest.


Owner of FastVentures, lead investor of OrthoSera. Had several successful exits in the biotechnology space.


A seasoned healthcare investor in the CEE region. Former deputy CEO at OTP Bank.